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Child to Youth...

Finally !!! The day has come, I breathe the last today and then no more. In this practical and factual world I tried hard to survive, I put up a brave fight, but now no more. No longer will I take you along, to the world where you saw things as you liked. Where you laughed and laughed and cried your heartfelt. Where you spoke your mind and no one judged you. Where things were honest and innocent... Tell your heart, that the child that lived in it, who was the companion of zillion dreams refuses to go ahead. Now you take your course as an adult, reason out your existence on every step. life is strange... it admires the smile of a child, twinkle in the clear eyes, innocent questions and witty unassuming and straight answers. As we climb on the steps of years holding the hand of adulthood, slowly, the enthusiasm and joy of a child is replaced by the logic and reasoning. Open heart, ready to befriend anyone is replaced by judgment where who would prove more resourceful in future decides the circle of friends. Everything becomes give and take, everything has to have a reason for it. Where you can't speak your heart and every word has to be presented in the way approved by the society. A world where showing emotions is silly and love, anger and pain have to be concealed. Now you are on your own, embrace the world and the rules set for it. In a while you'll be one of them and before you realise, days and years will vanish. But when you look back you'll see that your strong memories will be of those times when you really lived, with passion and joy, as a child at heart and not when you were busy settling the score with life with your everyday job.